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The Best Time to Learn

Recently, I have started a habit to listen to podcasts during my commute to and from work (determined to somehow entice my life and help with the evolution of my personal brand). This morning, I happened to be listening to a TedTalk by Geoffrey Canada. (If you have never watched a TedTalk then I highly recommend that you do.) His talk was not all too interesting (just being honest), however, it got me thinking.

Geoffrey posed the question as to why we spend so much time and money to calculate data in schools yet we do not use it. He also brings up the discussion of students losing precious knowledge over the summer. He asks “why not have schools open during the summer”?

I believe in overloading students. Everyone needs a break. Adults are just better at coping with the lack of a 3 month break. I believe that the appropriate time for this break is not during the summer months, but rather the winter months. I will preface this with the acknowledgement that I do not have any concrete research behind this, but these are my educated assumptions:

Winter would be better for students, especially in an urban environment because of two main reasons: they get to spend more time with their families, they will be exposed to less crime in the summer and lastly, because there is such a high crime rate during the summer time, it keeps them from contributing to it.

I totally understand that our entire education system from nursery school through graduate school is based around the summer break concept and therefore would be a lot of work to alter this concept. Currently it was just a thought of mine. I will probably have a follow up post with actual evidence in the future.


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