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Colorblind or Racist?:Blacks on the Runway

I never thought of high fashion to be racist. Being black, I’ve always been exposed to the models that were of color: Chanel Iman, Tyra Banks, Adriana Lima, Eva Marcille Pigford, Iman, and Naomi Campbell (just to name a few). I’ve recently stumbled upon a few articles that point out and discuss a major problem in the fashion industry: the lack of black models represented on the runway.

Once this was pointed out through the articles, I mentally glanced at the past decade and the extreme decline of black models since the 1980’s was evident. Clearly “white is the new black”. “All I want to say is, you guys have a lot of explaining to do,” said Iman, one of the first black supermodels. “If you are going to be bold enough to do it, then please be bold enough to explain it.” And designers, are in fact, excluding black models on purpose. I would love to hear their explanations for this model discrimination, as well. This was a just a quick thought. Below are the links to some of the articles that I read.

The New York Times: “Fashion’s Blind Spot”

Vogue: “Is Fashion Racist?”

Jezebel: “Fashion Week’s Models Are Getting Whiter”

Huffington Post: “Dior Casts Black Models…”



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