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Ugly Betty

Like the roughly 15% percent of Americans, I have Netflix. Netflix is an awesome invention, and like any invention or discovery, it has it’s ups and downs. When you first join Netflix, you are in awe at how many T.V. shows and movies that you have to your disposal. However, after a while, you run out of things to watch (This happened to me the other week). As I am searching and searching for something to watch, Netflix so accurately recommended the television show Ugly Betty. I’ve never actually sat down and watched the show but I have been meaning to since the original air date, so I did. Best Netflix Decision Ever.
For those of you that forgot what Ugly Betty was about, or you may have simply never even heard of the show, this is what it is about: Ugly Betty was an American dramedy. The series revolves around the character Betty Suarez (and I later discovered is based on Fernando Gaitán’s Colombian telenovela soap opera Yo soy Betty, la fea). Betty Suarez is a quirky, 22-year-old Mexican American woman who is sorely lacking in fashion sense. She is known to be bold, good-hearted, and slightly naïve. She is abruptly thrust into a different world when she lands a job at Mode, a trendy, high fashion magazine based in Manhattan that is part of a publishing empire.
Being the sometimes lacking fashionista that I am, absolutely loved the show. I wish that it was still on the air for the episodes to continue. The last episode of the series was not predictable and was a perfect ending of the series. I will not ruin it for you, but I highly suggest to watch the show if you like drama, fashion and romance.


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