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Upcoming Artists: Rita Ora

For my last birthday, one of my best friends brought me a concert ticket to a commonly liked artist between us: Rita Ora. I was so psyched to go to this concert. I waited for an entire month, anxious for the following weekend could come, and the following weekend and the one after that. I even followed Rita on every social media that I had, to feed some of my excitement. Rita Ora was finally coming over to America. This was not a chance that came very often.

Twenty-two year old Rita Ora was an unknown British talent who simply performed in her father’s bar when one day was seen and flown to NYC to meet and be signed by the one and only Jay-Z. She is known for her beach-blond hair, bright red lipstick and shockingly amazing style. Her hit songs “R.I.P.” and “How We Do” hit charts in America and took off. She then released her album in America: “Ora”.

However, back to my story and a little less background information.

The night of the concert, a tragedy struck the east coast: Hurricane Sandy. Understanding the situation, the concert in NYC and Philly were postponed. Philly until December 20th and the NYC concert was to be a few days prior. Because I was still following her on social media from my pre-concert excitement, I received all of Rita’s updates. She performed in NYC which was followed by a post online that she had a great time during her tour as well as a tweet saying that NYC was a great place to have her final performance. But what about the Philly concert later that week? The day of the concert came and all ticket-holders were informed that Rita was sick and would not perform, however her twitter said otherwise: that she was at a party in New York.

I love Rita Ora and her music, however I am still fairly upset at the false communications that were set forth, whether it was by her or some other power. I will continue to listen to her music and be a fan, but my support for her is now kind of iffy. I am very proud of how she came up from the bottom, made her money, brought her mom a house and is working with her fame. Her voice is amazing and her career will continue to develop and grow into something even more beautiful. Keep an eye out for this rising beauty.


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