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Influence of the Film on Fashion (Excerpt)

When working for a specific store, fashion forecasters, buyers and designers generally work together as one team. Buyers travel the world (one of the many advantages of the occupation) to attend fashion shows, typically in London, Tokyo, Madrid, New York and Paris, the fashion capitols of the world. Their job is to learn about the newest fashions all over the world and upcoming trends. They take this information to the designers of their company. “You never know what’s going to catch on, or what’s really going to impact people. When there’s a magic, or chemistry, or uniqueness then it somehow transcends and spreads like a virus” says a buyer at Macy’s. The company forecasters go out to different companies and search for the “look” that they want for that season, or the designers create their own rendition of the upcoming trends. Most stores do not “knock off” runway designs; rather they use a basic idea to create their own line for their specific buyers. The majority of the time, the forecasters, buyers and designers also have to plan clothing lines alongside cinematic costume designs, based upon upcoming movies.

The relationship between the film and fashion industries is crucial yet underestimated. When movies are in the production stage, the costume designer sends the costume ideas from Hollywood to designers in New York City. The designers create everyday looks based off of these movies, and holds them until a date closer towards the movie’s release date. This helps promote the movie as well as push forward the progression of different trends and fads in the fashion industry. “It starts with a concept and you have design teams who figure out how to bring it to market in concept and you have design teams who figure out how to bring it to market in a very new way”.

Many revolutionary fashions are fairly difficult to sell to consumers or buyers. However, “If [a] consumer has seen it in either a movie or on television, it validates it for them” says Stephen Cardino, Macy’s Men’s Fashion Director. He continues to say, “Fashion is a common thread that connects a movie star to the moviegoer, an everyday person”. Famed costume designer Debra McGuire says “Buyers of stores look to television shows and movies for direction, for inspiration”. Fashion is a fantasy art form. It is a fun way to escape, but people have a longing to be socially acceptable. Having an idol, or person of power take that first daring step allows for others to easily follow behind and wear those new fashion trends. Movies use fashion to help tell their stories. Then, the fashion industry takes what you see on screen and sells it. However, “It is the way that people interpret that movie into their collections, that makes it modern and different.”

No idea simply comes from thin air. Every thought and design is influenced by another. Television, movies and media as a whole, not only influences the development of society or children’s behavior but it also influences fashion. And it may soon be proven that fashion also influences film. It’s all influential.


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